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SWF Consulting LLC offers full-service government relations and political consulting.

We are expertly familiar with the political landscape of Capitol Hill and offer a valuable portal into the often complicated and diverse policies/processes of the Executive and Legislative branches.  Our team specializes  in raising our client’s profiles to achieve predetermined goals through clarity, communication and cultural competence.  

With over two decades of state and federal government experience, and located in Washington, DC, SWF Consulting is capable of real time outreach to the decision makers in Congress, government agencies and think tanks.


  • Coalition Building
  • Funding Development
  • Grassroots and Strategic Outreach
  • Issue Development and Management
  • Logistics
  • Strategic Marketing Support



Stacie W. Fujii, Founder


Stacie Walters Fujii, Founder and CEO of SWF Consulting LLC, has over twenty years of political and federal government relations experience, and specializes in raising her client’s profiles to achieve predetermined goals through clarity, communication and cultural competence. An established advocate and lobbyist in Washington, DC, Ms. Fujii, along with her team, crafts custom solutions to address the client’s political needs and leverages  well-established relationships and institutional knowledge to ascertain success for the clients.  

Ms. Fujii has extensive knowledge of the Legislative and Executive branches, including appropriations experience and a keen background in crisis management and civil liberties issues. She has assisted in identifying and securing over $25 million in federal dollars for her clients and has led and supported successful legislative and regulatory initiatives.

She has successfully advised world leaders, and represented corporations and governments from Africa, the Caucasus, and the Western Hemisphere.

A member of multiple boards, Ms. Fujii is a lifetime member and chair of the board of trustees for the American Council of Young Political Leaders and has participated in democracy building exchanges with the governments of Afghanistan, Argentina, China, Egypt, El Salvador, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Timor Leste, Thailand and Turkey.   

Ms. Fujii graduated with a degree in political science and a juris doctorate from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

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